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Tytuł: SkipTest: Description and reliability assessment of a new anaerobic performance field test

Nikos Mantzouranis, Theophilos Pilianidis, Nikos Agelousis, Elizana Polatou, Michalis Proios
Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
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anaerobic metabolism, maximal exercise, field measurements, training feedback

Introduction. Anaerobic glycolysis describes the capacity for high intensity short-term exhaustive exercise in which force is generated by repeated maximal muscular contractions. The development of measurement procedures for this energy mechanism has received considerable attention in recent years. Aim of Study. The aim of this study was to develop and assess the reliability of a new field test for measuring anaerobic performance. Materials and Methods. Each subject performed a "skipping" drill for 30 s and during that time the number of footcontacts (NFC) with the ground was counted and relative fatigue index (%FI) was estimated. In addition, subjects? blood lactate and heart rate were also measured. Fifteen students (n = 15) were randomly assigned to perform two trials in a counterbalanced order. The skipping test reliability assessment was based on Intraclass Correlation Coefficients analysis and Bland-Altman plot. Results. Cronbach?s alpha for NFC was 0.96 showing high reliability, while % FI produced a moderate correlation (0.51). Additionally, the correlation coefficients in lactate concentration levels were acceptable (0.68), while heart rate during the trials was reported with a moderate reliability (0.51). Schematically, the Bland-Altman plot for the NFC indicates that in both SkipTest trials the mean difference of NFC was strongly correlated, confirming the lack of any systematic error. Contrary to the above, the Bland-Altman plot showed that the mean difference of % FI was found close to the zero-bias line limiting the scope of reliability of this testing variable. Conclusions. SkipTest proves to be a reliable, replicable and easy to use method for the neuromuscular and metabolic evaluation of anaerobic capacity.