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Tytuł: Subjective assessment of body image by middle-aged men and women

Anna Demuth, Urszula Czerniak, Magdalena Krzykała, Ewa Ziółkowska-Łajp
Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
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body image, middle age.

Aim of Study. The aim of the study was to compare the subjective body image of middle-aged men and women with regard to their morphological traits and physical activity. Material and Methods. The sample consisted of 71 women and 95 men, between 40 and 60 years of age, with a higher education. Each subject had their body height, body mass and waist circumference measured. The subjects were divided into two groups with regard to medium values of their morphological parameters. Color-A-Person Body Dissatisfaction Test (CAPT) by O.W. Wooley was used to measure body perception. Also, on the basis of the International Physical Activity Questionnaire results the subjects were divided into two groups: one consisting of physically active men (n = 59) and women (n = 35), and the other of physically passive men (n = 36) and women (n = 36). Results. 1) CAPT results revealed significant differences in the overall estimation of participants' own bodies, while women estimated their own bodies more critically than men. 2) Women with higher body mass and longer waist circumferences had a higher level of negative body perception, but no similar significant correlation was found in men. 3) Physically active men had more positive perception of their own bodies, but in women the correlation was not significant. Conclusions. Morphological traits and intense physical activity are significantly related to one's own body perception. Cultural stereotypes connected with both sexes and attractiveness have a significant influence on the perception of one's own body.