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Tytuł: Determinants of participation in sport and tourism of visitors to Polish health resorts. A case study

Andrzej Hadzik, Adam R. Szromek, Ewa Sadowska-Krępa
Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
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sports and tourism, determinants of participation, spa, wellness health tourism, types of physical recreation.

Introduction. Spa tourism includes not only participation in tourist activities but also in recreational sports. Aim of Study. The aim of the study was to identify the social and economic determinants of tourist and sports activity of Polish spa-goers. Material and Methods. Primary and secondary materials have been used in the research. Secondary materials were data from diagnostic poll surveys and the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS). Primary data were collected on the basis of the author's pilot surveys. Results. The participants indicated a number of reasons for visiting spas. The highest percentage of respondents pointed to curative and recreational aims as the most important. Gastronomic base was the best assessed factor, while tourist information and local transport the worst. The primary factors attracting visitors to the Kołobrzeg health resort were natural curative values, the quality of services and the standard of its accommodation base. The most common recreational activity was swimming, but interestingly, the spa-goers pointed to a shortage of swimming facilities. Conclusions. Among the main aims of visiting a spa were preventive treatment and the opportunity to rest, resulting from widely understood wellness motivations. The development of wellness tourism in the Kołobrzeg spa depends on the increased supply of swimming and relaxation services, including yoga. A visit to a spa is determined not only by internal but also external factors. The spa visitors gave the highest marks to curative treatments, spa town atmosphere, hospitality and safety standards, while transport and tourist information services obtained the worst assessment.