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Tytuł: Opportunities for using professional competencies acquired during university studies according to graduates of university schools of physical education

Agnieszka Wartecka-Ważyńska
Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
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graduates, professional competencies, education, university schools of physical education

Introduction. University graduates acquire a variety of professional competencies which often determine their future professional careers. The graduates from university schools of physical education are usually prepared to work in the education sector, sports clubs, health centres, travel agencies and hotels. However, the professional competencies acquired throughout their studies, understood as causative and instrumental skills to be used at work, are not necessarily what the employers actually expect. Aim of Study. The aim of the study was to find out about the opinions ofgraduates from the University School of Physical Education in Poznań, Poland, concerning their professional competencies acquired throughout the studies and the opportunities for using them in the labour market. Material and Methods. The paper is based on literature analysis, direct observation carried out by the author during classes with post-graduate students and a diagnostic survey measuring public opinion using an on-line questionnaire. Results. The graduates from the University School of Physical Education in Poznań assessed their prof essional competencies as very high, with a particular focus on practical professional preparation and to work in the education sector. Lower assessments were made for human resources management preparation, with the poorest scores given to organizational and managerial preparation. The respondents also declared that a university degree allowed them to be satisfied from their jobs and to gain social recognition. Conclusions. The labour market has forced university schools of physical education to adjust their curricula to include opportunities of acquisition of flexible professional competencies that can be practically implemented. The university schools will have to monitor the professional careers of their graduates to be able to offer opportunities for development of actual professional competencies within the framework of post-graduate university courses.