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Tytuł: Relationships between emotional intelligence and psychological factors in physical education

Basil Siskos, Michalis Proios, Georgios Lykesas
Studies in Physical Culture and Tourism
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physical education, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, emotional regulation, conflict resolution styles.a

Introduction. One of the goals of physical education curricula in primary and secondary schools in Greece is the development of students' social and emotional skills. These skills, traditionally regarded as 'non cognitive skills', are included in Emotional Intelligence theory and are strongly related with individual's success and wellbeing. Aim of Study. The purpose of the present study was to investigate the relationships between students' emotional intelligence and other psychological factors in the physical education context. Material and Methods. A questionnaire survey was carried out among eight-hundred junior and senior high school students from the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Results. The results of Pearson correlation analysis revealed that students' high emotional intelligence had positive and significant relations with students' experience of positive feelings in physical education classes and with their adoption of an integrative conflict resolution strategy. On the other hand, students' emotional intelligence showed negative relationships with their negative feelings in physical education, and their adoption of an aggressive conflict resolution strategy. Conclusions. Students who are adept in social and emotional competencies and skills are able to resolve their contradictions in positive and constructive ways in order to maintain positive feelings in PE classes and to participate in various school activities by regulating their learning process. Therefore, it is worth investigating the relationship between students' social and emotional competencies and skills and other psychological parameters in PE and in other school settings.